Our Story

Littlemore snacks were created by two moms who wanted something better for their kids and yours. 

Our founder, Joana Fraser, is a Harvard Medical School-affiliated practicing pediatrician and mom of two boys. After having her first child, Joana went looking for convenient, wholesome snacks. She was discouraged by the available options, all of which were low in nutritional density, contained too much sugar and salt, and often tasted terrible.

As a pediatrician, Joana knows that we sometimes underestimate children’s palates and that the assumption that babies & toddlers only like bland, sweet, or fruity food is wrong. In fact, children of all ages appreciate a spectrum of flavors, and eating a variety of savory foods helps nurture adventurous eaters and promotes a lifetime of healthy habits.

We all know that homemade snacks are best, but keeping enough of these on hand is just not realistic for most parents. So, Joana decided to do something about it and Littlemore was born. 

Her mission is to establish new standards for children’s packaged foods by creating delicious, nourishing, and convenient snacks that children love and parents feel good about serving.

Joana was joined in this mission by her co-founder, and close friend, Lauren Bain. Lauren has worked in finance and business management and is a mom to three little ones. 

As a new parent, Lauren also found herself at a loss at snack time. She was concerned her kids were becoming too accustomed to sweet flavors and worried about them sucking food out of a pouch.

Lauren, like Joana, felt that both kids, and parents, deserved better and so decided to join Joana in building Littlemore after learning about the mission, the snacks and watching her second child devour the puffs!

Together they established Littlemore’s mantra -  small adventures, big futures - which celebrates both the natural wonder and imagination of all children and the realities and aspirations of their parents. 

Joana and Lauren believe we’re all on this parenthood journey together. They hope that Littlemore puffs provide parents with a little more time to enjoy the small moments and daily adventures of life with little ones, and a little more comfort about making the best choices for their families.



Joana Fraser, MD

From: Miami, FL

Lives in: Boston, MA

Kids' names: Jack & James

Alma mater: University of Glasgow, Scotland 

Guilty pleasures: scalding hot showers, dark chocolate, Say Yes to the Dress 

Favorite place to visit: Switzerland

First job: working in a supermarket in the refrigerated section. My hands were always numb!

Parenting in 3 words: unpredictable, all-consuming, fulfilling

Biggest parenting whoops: Going on a trip to the middle of nowhere in Maine in November and forgetting a winter jacket for our son. That and the fact we have 563782 burp cloths in the house but there's never one in sight at the time of the explosive spit up.


Lauren Bain

From: Long Island, NY

Lives in: Boston, MA and Big Sky, MT

Kids' names: Henry and Nora + TBD coming March 2021.

Alma mater: UNC Chapel Hill & the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Guilty pleasures: dark chocolate, red wine, kettle corn, & romantic comedies from the 1980s

Travel bucket list: Croatia, Japan & England

First job: summer bank teller, this was also when my coffee dependency took root

Parenting in 3 words: gratifying, exhausting, transformative

Biggest parenting whoops: not bringing a change of clothes for myself on our first long trip with an infant