20 Ways to Add Good Stuff With Puffs

20 Ways to Add Good Stuff With Puffs

Littlemore Organic snack puffs for babies and toddlers are as versatile as they are wholesome. 

Littlemore organic snack puffs for babies and toddlers can multitask better than a parent during nap time!

Dip them, crush them, add them to sandwiches and wraps or sprinkle on roasted veggies, pasta, or soup. Use them to replace bread crumbs, potato chips, crackers, and toppings to add more protein, essential amino acids, B-vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin E, zinc, iron & magnesium to mealtime as well as snack time.

Here are 20 ideas for adding more good stuff to everyday meals with Littlemore snack puffs.

Dip it!

1. Tomato puffs in guacamole
2. Sunflower puffs in tomato sauce
3. Tomato puffs in hummus or tzatziki
4. Sunflower puffs in applesauce
5. Sunflower puffs in tomato soup
6. Sunflower puffs in chocolate hummus (yes, it's a thing!)

Crush it!

7. Tomato puffs on mac & cheese (or any pasta)
8. Coat homemade chicken nuggets or fingers or fish fillets
9. On roasted veggies like brussel sprouts or broccoli
10. On chili (or dip them)
11. Sunflower puffs on oatmeal
12. Tomato puffs on scrambled eggs
13. On baked tuna casserole

Sandwich it!

14. Tomato puffs in burritos or tacos
15. Tomato puffs in grilled cheese sandwiches
16. Peanut butter & sunflower puffs 
17. Tomato puffs in meat and cheese

Mix it!

18. Crushed into cream or goat cheese & spread it on celery sticks, whole wheat bread, or crackers
19. Crushed puffs with butter, scrambled egg & herbs to make a quiche crust
20. Crushed puffs as a binder for homemade burgers & meatballs 

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Two moms created Littlemore Organics to create a new healthy standard for children's snacking.

Joana is a Harvard pediatrician, and Lauren is an MBA with a finance and management consulting background. Between them, they have 5 children under the age of 4! Together they created organic, melt-in baby's mouth snack puffs that contain only 4 simple, wholesome ingredients.

Littlemore puffs are peanut, tree nut, and gluten-free with no sugar, salt, corn, or rice. They're an easy and delicious way to add protein and nutrient-rich ancient grains to your little ones' daily diet and come in flavors that build adventurous taste buds.

Cheers to snacks kids love to eat, and parents feel good serving! 

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