Spring & Summer Memory Makers

Spring & Summer Memory Makers

Childhood is full of magic for both parents and children. There is so much new to delight in; first steps, snowflakes, butterflies, holidays, the first day of school, and so on. 

Those giggles of glee, wide eyes full of awe, and thrilling imaginations remind

us of the joy that childhood offers. When our children are lively and vibrant, they bring out the child in us and provide us the opportunity to be present with them in all of the delights. 

Spring and summer are two seasons with magic written all over them, and uncovering that magic need not be complicated. Magic is found in everyday activities, in the simple, and in the small moments. We find it when we let adulting go and embrace, with our children, the present moment and share our inner child with them. 

We hope you will uncover some magic this spring and summer with some delightful, timeless pastimes. Your little ones will be sure to deliver those giggles, awes, and clever imaginations. 

Here are some simple ideas.

Flower Arranging

Arranging flowers is a beautiful and simple activity for all children. Placing a few beautiful flowers in a vase connects a child to their fine motor development. They get to enchant in the smells and textures of the flower and hone their idea of beauty. While going on a walk, gather fallen petals and use them to practice counting and color naming. Use them to create a nature picture on the ground or to decorate your garden. 

Chasing Bubbles, Butterflies & Fireflies

Children delight in bubbles. Popping them, chasing them, and catching them. The success of the pop and the sparkling soap trickling down against the natural backdrop and vanishing consistently elicits a squeal. 

When pursued with gentle steps and slow bodies, butterflies can gift a child its presence upon their hand. The happiness is real. 

Bugs that light up at night! How special is that? Fireflies can transform dusk into an illuminated playground for children to develop positive associations with a beautiful and magical time of the day.

Make chasing bubbles even more fun by making homemade bubble blowers together. 

Mix ½ a cup of tear-free bubble bath or mild natural dish soap with 3 cups of water and place it in a shallow baking dish. Then punch a small hole in the bottom of a reusable plastic cup and put a straw through it. Dip the mouth of the cup into the bubble solution and blow.

Backyard Picnics

Kids love when the regular is made special by a simple change of scenery. The same lunch as the day before enjoyed outside under a favorite tree or next to water can create a delightful memory. 

Outdoor lunches can easily be fancied up with a picnic basket and a blanket. The lure of nature moves them from their lunch, tummies full, and embraces them, sending them off to imaginative play. So simple, yet so magical.

Freeze Pops On Hot Sunny Days

The afternoon lul can be made sweet and memorable with some homemade or store-bought freeze pops. Make your own with some orange juice and water. Less sugar, great taste, and sweet summer magic!

Sidewalk Chalk Murals

There is an artist is tucked inside every child. The concrete, pavement, and macadam provide children with an endless canvas to create on. Chalk and chalk paint can tap into the child’s creative energy and offer a fun organic way to express themselves. 

When kids draw with chalk outside, the gifts of nature inspire, empower, and regulate a child as they tap into their creative energy. Outside chalk drawing can bring out the focus and concentration of a young child. According to Maria Montessori, in her book, The Absorbent Mind,  “The child who concentrates is immensely happy.” 

A Bike Ride

Taking children on a bike ride is a simple way to create magic-making childhood memories. A few full family, or parent and child rides a summer is enough to forge that lasting impression of a delightful childhood. 

In short, don’t overthink it. Tap into those sweet memories of your own childhood and implement a few of these simple, fun activities, and the memories created will last a lifetime.