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4 Wholesome & Simple Ingredients
No Corn, Rice, Sugar, or Salt 

Harvard Pediatrician & Mom Built

Flavors that Grow Adventurous Eaters

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Creating a New Standard for Kids' Snacking

No nonsense. No gimmicks. Simple.


Pediatrician & Mom Built

We are founded by a practicing pediatrician and mom who wanted to create the packaged snacks they always wished existed for their kids- simple and healthy. So they created a convenient choice you can feel good about.

Nutritious by Nature

We're inspired by the natural world. There are only four carefully selected ingredients in our snacks & they are all plant-based and organic. Our ancient grain, called sorghum is better than corn or rice both nutritionally and environmentally.

Truthful & Transparent

We only make snacks that we feel good serving our own children. We never make unfounded claims or fluffy promises. We hide nothing and keep our ingredients & nutritional claims simple to understand.

Our Story

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What real parents have to say about our snacks ...


Great tasting puffs my son can’t get enough of! He is about to be two years old and finishes his puffs in no time. His favorite is the tomato flavor puffs. I feel great packing these on the go for a quick healthy snack.

Edgar Vazquez

“Our 3 year old & 1 year old love Littlemore puffs. I am so happy to have a healthier option for a convenient snack!”

Jennie F

“This is exactly the snack I need for my kids! They are easy to throw in the diaper bag, fun to eat & have simple, nutritious ingredients. Having these on hand makes getting ready in the morning so much easier!"

Jayme H

“Our 2-year old daughter loves the tomato puffs. We throw them in the hiking backpack as a perfect, healthy, on-the-go snack for our family hikes."

Justin G

“My toddler loves munching on these. It's so great to have a packaged snack option that isn’t rice or corn based. He thinks they are a treat so it’s a win-win!"

Kate C

“Finally a fun snack for my kids that isn’t based on a cartoon character or assumes they’ll only eat cookies. So glad I found these!”

Callie F